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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Join Nicole's Mirror First Birthday GIVEAWAY!!!

Its is such a great new to have this giveaway by Nicole~~~
Look at the amazing prize and there will be have 12 lucky winners......
Wowwww, a chance that cannot miss it!!!!!
Here are the prize, is it look so attractive so action right now to take it home....

There have some rules:

How to enter?
Please copy and paste this steps (with your answer) and comment under this post.
  1. Have to be a public follower of Nicole's Mirror via Google Friend Connect  (YES/NO. your GFC name)
  2. Follow me via networkedblog (YES/NO. Facebook name)
  3. Write a post on your blog about my giveaway (YES/NO. Link)
  4. Link my giveaway on your blog sidebar with the above picture. (YES/NO. Blog url)
  5. Email (your email)
Giveaway are open for anyone in the world as long as you have mailing address in one of the following countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines.

Amazing price pls refer to the original blog~~~~Thx n all the best!!!!!

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